Thursday, March 5, 2015

#304 303 pictureaday

My new thrifted Starbucks coffee mug. I like it. $.99

My smart little Banty. She has discovered that food, warmth, and nest can all come from the same bag. Resourceful. Why does The Little Red Hen come to mind? 

A little green worm up close. Thanks, Shilah. :)

The pond down the road from Mom and Dad's house. 


  1. I so enjoy watching your passion for photography blossom! It makes my heart happy.

  2. The green caterpillar is cringing. Why? Because it has been exposed. It was hiding comfortably under a little rock. Does this remind you of me sometimes?

    1. Quite honestly, no. But I suppose we all flinch and curl at exposure. Or we want to.